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NTR Metals brings financial strength and true refiner returns to over 20,000 companies in London, Birmingham and throughout the world.

NTR Metals operates over 70 locations worldwide, including London’s Hatton Garden and Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. In addition to our refining services, our bullion-trading desk makes a market in all major gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion.

Commercial refining

NTR Metals is one of the largest wholesale refiners of precious metals, serving jewellers, pawnshops and precious metals exchanges. With over 70 locations worldwide, we provide consistent returns and fast turnarounds for over 20,000 companies, and counting. NTR Metals has the financial strength and liquidity to handle all of your gold, silver, platinum and palladium refining needs no matter how large, so you can run your business with utmost efficiency and profitability.

For those who prefer third-party assays, NTR Metals works with the Assay Office London , The Birmingham Assay Office and the Sheffield Assay Office to pay you based on their assay.

Customer-specified lock ins to avoid market volatility

NTR Metals commercial customers have the option to call our London hedging desk during trading hours to lock in the then-current precious metal spot price before shipping or bringing their metal to one of our processing locations. This service gives our customers the opportunity to hedge against sudden market fluctuations.

NTR Metals is more than just a precious metals refiner

NTR Metals is a fully-integrated precious metals company that acquires, refines and mints precious metal bullion products for commercial clients. By integrating a broad spectrum of precious metals products and services, we create operating efficiencies that benefit our scrap and precious metal bullion customers.

Convenient access with over 30 locations across the UK and US

NTR Metals operates two locations in the United Kingdom and over 30 locations in the United States. These centers provide convenient drop-off access and typical turnaround times of one hour. For customers who are not close to one of our branch locations or simply prefer the ease of shipping, we offer the ability to lock in a spot price prior to shipment, with same-day settlement upon receipt.

Precious Metals Market Maker

NTR Metals is a market-maker for all precious metals, providing the requisite personnel, resources, capital, and product for all levels of bullion investing. With bullion trading desks in London and the United States, NTR Metals helps its clients stay at the forefront of the precious metals market.

Providing liquidity to the wholesale precious metals market

Our clients rely on us for one critical business function: liquidity. We help our clients efficiently transform bullion into currency, or currency into bullion. NTR Metals specializes in addressing the precious metals bullion needs of the financial, jewellery and coin industries. And since our bullion trading desk is strictly wholesale, we do not compete with our customers in the retail market.

Making a market for all major precious metals segments

As a market maker, NTR Metals provides the capital, inventory, technology, and knowledge necessary to keep our customers at the forefront of the precious metals industry. We make a market in all major gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion, as well as US and foreign gold.

At the forefront of the precious metals market

Our bullion trading desk continually monitors market conditions to detect even slight changes in supply and demand. This economic insight allows us to provide our clients with current market information. NTR Metals Market Maker™, our proprietary trading system, provides our bullion traders with the information they need to ensure timely and accurate execution of all transactions. Collectively, our knowledge, technology and experience help our customers minimize risk and maximize profits when trading precious metals bullion. Please contact our bullion trading desk to learn more about our services.

NTR minted bullion available direct

As a customer of NTR Metals, you have the ability to acquire NTR minted bullion direct from the mint. This allows you to avoid costly fees and markups associated with other distributed bullion products. NTR Metals bullion is available in 1 oz. silver bars, 10 oz. silver bars, 100 oz. silver bars, 1 oz. gold triangles and 1 kg. gold bars. To learn more about our bullion products contact our bullion trading desk today.